On Free Lunches, and Free Markets

Remember that  hackneyed  Economics, Friedmanite, maxim  that goes :’there’s no such thing as a free lunch’?
How could you not?
It’s cited ad nauseam in virtually all media – not least by those who have had nothing but free lunches /gratis dinners all their lives.

You know  of whom I speak: the kind who bail out banks  –  and then cut food -stamps,  in the name of  austerity.

Well, the times have turned the tables on that little junket of political  casuistry:
For now, today, there is a new, far more indisputable, mantra afoot, inspired by the more news-worthy exploits  of  Wall Street.
Here it is: and note it well, for the Media may not post it on prime-time.

There is No Such Thing as a Free Market.

 Thus do we live – and learn (leastways, some of us).
R. Kanth, Copyright ©February 2014