Why Jenny McCarthy and Her Followers Might Actually Be Worse Than ISIS

I am not a medical Doctor nor have I ever pretended to be one

I remember having chicken pox as a Sophomore in high school. I found out the day after a school dance that my date was diagnosed with it and a few hours later I was exhibiting my first symptoms. By the third day they were inside my throat and all over me, it was painful. Now I know why the medical community states it’s actually worse for adults and teenagers to contract it than it is younger children.

The fun part; if you have actually had the virus, it never leaves you, you are now at risk for a painful condition later in life called shingles. Shingles can also cause lasting hearing loss, and nerve or brain damage, and if it affects the eye can lead to blurred vision and blindness if left untreated.

Chicken pox seems to be the least of our worries when it comes to preventable diseases (measles, whopping cough, etc), so WHY are some parents unwilling to vaccinate their children? This article lays out 7 reasons why:
1. These illnesses are rare. (Not any more, look at the exploding cases of whooping cough because parents are choosing not to vaccinate).
2. These illnesses aren’t all that bad.
3. Vaccines cause autism. (How many times does this one have to be debunked?)
4. Vaccines have side effects. (Less than any of the diseases if contracted!)
5. The preservatives in vaccines are dangerous. (Oy)
6. It’s a conspiracy — the pharmaceutical companies and government are keeping secrets from us. (Hahahaha, um, yeah, so ever hear of the bazillion leaks out of the government for the last 2 decades?)
7. I trust my family, friends and community more than my doctor. (Ai yi yi)

The worst part of not vaccinating your kids, you are ruining our herd immunity and compromising those with a weak immune system like my mother who is battling cancer. So if you think it’s just ‘sharing a chicken pox lollipop’ and it seems harmless, I will call you selfish. Selfish, selfish, selfish.