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What News, The Daily Show and Intel Analysis Have in Common

    The question I am most often asked isn’t, ‘how did you get into the CIA’ or ‘what was it like working in counterterrorism at the CIA’ or ‘did you have to have sex to get secrets’ (yes that is really a question, and, no, I did not). Rather, in the top two questions […]
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Football’s Top Men Balance Body Image With Ambition

(Please note this post was inspired by the ridiculous NYTimes article on women’s bodies and tennis.  Calling all women: we have got to stop doing this to ourselves before others will follow.  Not lift weights for fear of not being feminine? ai yi yi.  For full effect, read the NYTimes article first….) While most celebrities […]
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Terrorism v Hate Crime-It’s a National Security Problem

In 2009 DHS published a study on right-wing extremism; Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization.  I would argue, as I did in this piece, that we still haven’t built a strategy to ‘deal’ with this problem given the resurgence. Again, terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the […]
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Fighting The Islamic State In Iraq and Syria?

Originally posted on The Dish:
by Dish Staff The border between Iraq and Syria is meaningless to ISIS, and may soon become meaningless to the US as well, with administration officials dropping hints right and left that the air campaign against the “caliphate” might eventually cross it. The hints began with deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes…

Why Jenny McCarthy and Her Followers Might Actually Be Worse Than ISIS

I am not a medical Doctor nor have I ever pretended to be one I remember having chicken pox as a Sophomore in high school. I found out the day after a school dance that my date was diagnosed with it and a few hours later I was exhibiting my first symptoms. By the third […]
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Guest Post by Doug Patteson: A primer on US Intelligence Vocabulary

A primer on US intelligence vocabulary for the press In the wake of all the Snowden reporting, stories about the White House naming of the Kabul Chief of Station and other recent articles, many of us active or former intelligence folks have become increasingly annoyed by sloppy reporting and vocabulary by the press. So herewith […]
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On Free Lunches, and Free Markets

Remember that  hackneyed  Economics, Friedmanite, maxim  that goes :’there’s no such thing as a free lunch’? How could you not? It’s cited ad nauseam in virtually all media – not least by those who have had nothing but free lunches /gratis dinners all their lives. You know  of whom I speak: the kind who bail […]
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Is al Qaeda as it stands today a threat to the US? 60 Words And A War Without End

I keep hearing the question over and over on whether al Qaeda, as it stands today, is a threat to the United States. Analysts disagree on whether AQ is fragmented or still under some control from al Qaeda central.  One thing is true, it’s different than it was on 9/11.  As Gregory Johnson so aptly […]
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Early Warning of The LAX Shooting?

Early warning intelligence looks a lot like this DHS report from 2009; Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization. That early warning analysis could be directly related to the LAX shooting, among others. The problem is, as with other early warning analysis, it wasn’t given the proper public discussion and government […]
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Your Data Will Be Collected

Privacy has take on a whole new meaning in the age of the internet.  Yet, the creeping erosion of our privacy appears to have taken us all by surprise.  We need a privacy governance framework, and soon.   The article How We Killed Privacy — in 4 Easy Steps adeptly points out how the erosion […]
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